The Adventures of Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald the Wedge

April 2009

Wedginald was invited out on the 12th to goto the Mid Essex Regional meet, After his long sleep over winter
change of "wedgeistration" and a complete rear end rebuild, Wedgeinald was a bit reluctant to get going,
but the problem was eventually traced to the ingnition moudle and Wedgeinald was ready just in time to goto Essex.

The Run to Essex was a bit wet to start with and a bit chilly, but Wedgeinald was happy to be on the roads again.

Everyone was very friendly there and Wedgeinald's owner enjoyed the Carvery Lunch.
The weather was much nicer at the meet than it was on the way there or back.

For more pictures from the meet goto

On the 19th Wedgeinald and some of his Nomad friends went to the Surrey Rolling road.

Here they are lined up waiting for the previous car to finish. Wedgeinald was excited about how he would do.

Wedgeinald sat on the rolling road, thinking "Is this the most fun a TVR can have without going anywhere?"

The special cooling fan was very loud (about 100dB) and the wind tickled Wedgeinald.

The result was a pleasent suprise for both Wedeginald and his owner,
the nice rolling road man suggested that a small tweak to the
fuel settings might re-gain another 10BHP.
but both Wwedgeinad and his owner were more than happy with the results.

There will be more on the adventures of Wedgeinald as they happen.
Please come back soon.

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