The Adventures of Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald the Wedge

August 2008

Wedginald went to Bruntingthorpe Airfield on Sunday 3rd August for the
Lightning Preservation Group's Jimmy Dell Memorial Day.
The weather on the way there was a bit damp, but Wedgeinald kept going and the rain went over the top of him.
Wedgeinald arrived at Bruntingthorpe in bright sunshine and was amoung the first to arrive.
As the morning progressed lots more loud and shiny cars turned up, Mostly TVRs but a few nice other makes too.
Wedgeinald was pleased to meet even more new friends, mostly from Pistonheads.com
At 11am the "big boys" in the form of VERY loud aircraft showed themselves off, the noise did scare wedgeinald a bit.
The planes made Wedgeinald feel like a little yappy Jack Russell in contrast to the Lightning's ROAR.
Wedgeinald and some of his new friends were invited to go and meet some of the planes, Wedgeinald was excited but aprehensive
When they arrived where the planes were they didn't seem quite so scary, Wedgeinald suspected they were asleep really.
The weather at Bruntingthorpe was very good for the most part, but the journey home provided more rain.
Wedgeinald went to bed slightly damp but very happy, he looked forward to seeing his new Pistonheads.com friends soon.

On the 10th of August Wedgeniald went with some of his TVR Nomad friends to the monthly meeting of the Hants Region of the TVR Car Club.
There was a varied selection of nice TVRs mostly Chims but a few other models some noisy some more subdued.
Everyone was very friendly and Wedgeinald got a little bit of special attention as he was the only wedge there.
On the way back Wedgeinald and his Nomad friends went for another hoon, Wedgeinald was happy to be able to keep pace with the others.
After the hoon Wedgeinald went for a well earned drink, before going home to his bed happier but slightly dirtier than he had started the day
Wedgeinald's owner promised he would arrange to give him a bath later in the week as it was starting to rain when they got home.

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Wedgeinald was sitting in his bed waiting patiently for it to be time for his bath, it was dark and Wedgeinald didn't like being dirty.
Wedgeinald didn't have to wait too long and his owner had come to give him his bath as arranged.
It was about 5pm on the 14th and the sun was shining but there were a few clouds in the sky.
Wedgeinald enjoyed being outside again, he noticed that his owners friend Steve was there
and he enjoyed watching Steve tyding up his bedroom.
The bath was very welcome and Wedgeinald enjoyed the attention to detail,
he was being cleaned in places he'd forgotten he even had!
Wedgeinald was pleased that his owner had lots of different liquids each for a different area.
One for the outside of the windscreen, one for the inside of the windscreen, and several for inside and out.
The last liquid to be applied was a special polish, and it made Wedgeinald feel very smooth,
the microfibre cloth used to apply it did tickle though.
Wedgeinald was quite perky by the end of his bath, and wished he could go for a hoon right away
but he knew that it would only make him all dirty again so he would have to wait for his next adventure.
He went to bed very clean and very happy, he was pleased that his owner loved him.
Wedgeinald felt much more like a roaring lion now than the yappy Jack Russell he seemed with the airplanes.

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On the 17th August Wedgeinald and his owner went to Classic Cars On The Prom Wedgeinald enjoyed the run down the motorways.
There were no new members of the TVR Family to meet there but quite a few nice older classic cars.
Everyone was very friendly and Wedgeinald got lots of attention as soon as he arrived.
A number of people had cameras and took his picture. Wedgeinald was proud, and glad he still looked shiny from his bath.
When it was time to go and Wedgeinald was getting ready to go one little boy turned to his dad and said
"That car is very loud" and then put his fingers in his ears. Wedgeinald liked this comment, "loud is good" thought Wedgeinald.
Wedgeinald was happy all the way home that he had created such a good impression.

Two days later and Wedgeinald and some of the TVR Nomads went to visit the TVR Car Club Berkshire Region at their monthly meeting.
Wedgeinald always looked forward to meeting new members of the TVR family, but especially so when it meant meeting up with his TVR Nomad friends.
The TVR Nomads met not far from Wedgeinalds bedroom so he didn't have far to go before meeting up with his friends.
Wedgeniald was very pleased to see another new face joining in with the Nomads. This latest friend was a very sleek looking Cerbera.
The Cerbera looked like it worked out regularly, and like all his TVR friends had a really nice sound.
Once all the convoy had arrived they set of on the back roads heading for the Berkshire Meeting.
Wedgeinald went last and enjoyed listening to all his cousins enjoying the run to the pub.
The Nomads arrived first at the pub and waited for the other TVRs to arrive.
Wedgeinald was looking forward to meeting more new TVR friends.
As always they were all very nice and made Wedgeinald feel very welcome.
It was dark when it was time to go home and Wedgeinald enjoyed a bit of "Chim Chasing" on the way home.
Even if he was playing "catch up" most of the time.

Wedgeinald was invited by one of his Nomads friends to go and play with his new 4 post lift.
He was a little wary at first as he didn't know what to expect, but he was looking forward to it.
One of his cousins (a Chimaera) went first and showed Wedgeinald what to expect.
Wedgeinald approached the ramps carefully and managed to get onto them ok, if a little to one side
It was good fun being lifted up off the ground Wedgeinald imagined that he was flying
Everyone took a good look under Wedgeinald while he was up in the air and they were pleased how good he looked underneath
This pleased Wedgeinald and he went to bed very happy indeed

On the 24th of August Wedgeinald was invited to goto Wings and Wheels by the TVR Surrey Region.
The weather was a bit wet to start the day, but Wedgeinald hoped it would get better as the day went on.
At just before 8am Wedgeinald and the other TVRs from the surrey region met as arranged and convoyed to the show.
Wedgeinald enjoyed meeting more nice TVRs and as before they all made him feel very welcome.
The rain did clear in time for the flying dispaly to get under way and most of the planes were nice to watch and not too loud.
There was one plane that souded similar to the Lightning Wedgeinald had seen before, this was called a typhoon and was very loud.
It was so sunny that wedgeinalds owner got out a large umbrella to give them some shade,
but it tried to blow away so Wedgeinald had to stand on its base.
Everyone had a great day and there were lots of different cars at the show as well as the TVRs, some noisy, some quiet
Wedgeinald enjoyed seeing all of them. When it was time to go home there were lots of cars trying to get out
and Wedgeinald had to wait in a long queue, once out on the open road Wedgeinald was able to enjoy the "hoon" home.
Wedgeinald enjoyed meeting the Surrey TVRs and hopes to see them again soon.

September 2008.

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