The Adventures of Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald the Wedge

July 2008

Wedgeinald was purchased on 15th July 2008, he had been sat almost idle for 12-18 months previous to this.
His MOT was due to run out on the 7th August, so he was booked in for an MOT on the 17th July.
He needed one new joint on the front suspension to pass his MOT so spent the weekend at the garage.
When he was collected on the Monday he was a much happier car,
and his new owner was pleased to see him back on the road.

Wedgeinald's first official outing was to the Travelers Friend at Crookham Common to meet some new friends.
All the other TVR's at the meeting were newer and shinier than Wedgeinald,
but everyone was very friendly and they all got along very well.
They all agreed that this should be the first of many such meetings and TVR Nomads was born.
There are pictures of Wedgeinalds new friends on the TVR Nomads site

Wedgeinald went to the classic car show at Newbury Racecourse on Sunday 27th July,
The weather was superb, and some of his TVR Nomad friends were there.
Wedgeinald also met some more new local TVR friends, including a very nice old Vixen,
who had been with the same owner since he built her in 1969.
There will be some pictures in the next few days.

After the car show Wedgeinald and 2 of his TVR Nomads friends went for a hoon in the countryside,
Wedgeinald did enjoy rushing about the countryside especially after being mostly idle for so long.
He did have a little trouble keeping up with his younger cousins the Chimareas though.
After the run in the country Wedgeinald was treated to an Oil/Filter change and Plugs as a treat,
This made Wedgeinald very happy and he felt young again,
and thought how much fun it would be to go out for another hoon soon.

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