The Adventures of Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald the Wedge

July 2009

Wedgeinald was invited to the Isle of Wight on the 26th to visit Newbury And District Amateur Radio Society (NADARS)
and their Radio setup for Islands On The Air (IOTA). Wedgeinald was glad to get out as he had been in his bedroom for far too long.
Wedgeinald was looking forward to the ferry as he'd not been over water for as long as he could remember.
The mostly motorway trip to the ferry was a little boring but Wedgeinald was excited to goto a new place so it passed quicker then he'd expected.

Wedgeinald arrived extra early for the ferry but the nice man at the gate said he could catch the next ferry rather than waiting or the one he was booked on.
The ferry crossing was very smooth and Wedgeinald was able to see some unusual sights including the Spinnaker Tower and some weird round forts.
Once on the Island Wegdeinald had to try and find this field on the coast but he wasn't sure exactly where it was only that it was "near Gurnard"
Wedgeinald's owner thought he had a rough idea which field it was and programmed the sat-nav to take him there.
It turned out the field wasn't where they thought it was but they weren't too far away and one of the NADARS came to "rescue" them.
Some of the roads were a bit "bouncy" and the one to the field was really bad and wegdeinald had to tread carefully but he made it safely, with no problems.
The field was full of wires and poles Wedgeinald had never seen so many antennas in one place. He had to be careful not to get caught on the wires.
Wedginald and his owner slept "under the stars" which was quite fun, but the morning dew did make them a little damp but the sun soon dried them off.
In the morning Wedeinald went to the shops for supplies along some of the Islands "bouncy" roads. In the afternoon it started to rain a little, Wedgeinald didn't mind
After Wedgeinald watched all the antennas being taken down he still had ages before he was due on the ferry so decied to go for a hoon
Wedgeinad took the coastal road the long way round as far as Blackgang Chine, and then went north through Newport and back the the ferry
Wedgeinald was still very early for the ferry and his owner had to pay a small supliment fee to travel on the earlier boat this time.
The second crossing was as smooth as the first and Wedgeinald was looking forward to getting back to his own bed after such a good adventure.

More Pictures to be added soon.....

There will be more on the adventures of Wedgeinald as they happen.
Please come back soon.

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