The Adventures of Wedgeinald II.

Wedgeinald II the Red Wedge

July 2010

On the first weekend in July Wedgeinald II was invited to a TVR Car Club event called "Rumble in the Jungle",
Wedgeianld was looking forward to this as it meant not only staying away from home at a Bed and Breakfast in the countryside,
but also Wedgeinald II had been asked to form part of the "TVR Time line" for the show on the Sunday.

Wedgeinald II at the Bed & Breakfast in Cornwall

Wedgeinald II and some of the rest of the TVR time-line.

10 Vehicles formed the TVR time-line...can you spot which ones are missing?


Vixen (S2)

3000M (aka Silver Dove)

Wedge (Wedgeinald II!)







There were plenty more TVR's for Wedgeinald II to meet that day (62 TVRs turned up for the event)
and he went for a "hoon" with a few of them, this included crossing a river on the King Harry Ferry.

A few of the TVR's on the ferry.

On the 8th July Wedgeinald II travelled overnight to Classic Le Mans 2010, it was a very long journey but Wedgeinald II
was looking forward to it. The first leg of the journey was the trip on UK roads to Folkestone to catch a special Euro-Tunnel Train.

Driving onto the train was fun for Wedgeinald II as it was like driving in a small tunnell, Wedgeinald II resisted the urge to "shout"
as he realised that this was a very enclosed space, but he did wonder what it would sound like if he did.

When the train arrived in France it was already starting to get slightly darker, Wedgeinald II didn't mind,
he was looking forward to driving on the "wrong side" of the road, for a change.
On the way to Le Mans Wedgeinald II used the french Toll Roads, he was impressed by the quality of the roads,
and the lack of major traffic. The journey down was uneventful overall but did include a 1.5km long tunnel which Wedgeinald II enjoyed
and a nice lightning show put on by a big 2 hour long thunderstorm, which was alright till it went overheand and Wedgeinald II got a bit wet.

Wedgeinald II arrived at the Campsite at about 5am French time, and tried to get to his bed without waking anyone,
but he could not tip-toe quietly enough. Wedgeinald II spent most of the Friday relaxing, as the weather was very hot.

In the afternoon Wedgeinald II went into the Le Mans Circuit to find the TVRCC France Area so he could join his fellow TVRs
This proved a bit more difficult than finding the pitch in the campsite,
and Wedgeinald II ended up in a dead end area of the paddock with some very nice Morgans.
Wedgeinald II decided that due to the heat he would have a rest with the friendly Morgans and then try again.

Even some of the more modern cars were strugling with the heat and had to be pushed,
Wedgeinald II was happy he managed to keep going despite occasionaly not being 100% happy in the heat.

On Saturday morning before the heat built up Wedgeinald II had another attempt to find the TVRs and this time was succesful.
It was nice to see so many TVRs in one place, and a good cross section of the models made by TVR over the years.

Once settled into the paddock Wedgeinlad II was really happy surrounded by other TVRs and people who admired them,
and also surrounded for over 24 hours by the sound of cars on the track, "Bruuum......bruuum......bruuum" thought Wedginald II,
"that sounds like fun, I'd love to be out there too, but not in this heat", so he sat back and imagined what it would be like,
if he was racing round such a famous track. Wedgeinald II's dreams were filled with the same images fueled by the sounds of night racing.

Wedgeinlad got to see a few of his fellow wedges, this nice 400SE, and a 2 others in the campsite and general parking

On the night before Wedgeinald II left Le mans for home there was a really heavy rain storm in the night,
Wedgeinald II enjoyed the cooling sensation after all the heat of the weekend.

Before leaving Le Mans Wedgeinald II had a nice drive down the road that is used as the Mulssanne Straight,
whilst it was hardly a hoon as the traffic was quite busy it was still good fun to be on such a famous road.

Wedgeinald II enjoyed the drive home despite being covered in Le Mans Paddock and Campsite Dust!
he especially liked being spotted when he stopped for a drink on the way home.

The 25th saw the return of the Newbury Racecourse Classic Car show, and Wedgeinald II went along with 1 of the TVR Nomads.
There were many differnet types of car, truck and motor bike at the show, but wedgeinald II
was most impressed with the noise made by the drag racing cars, especially one that was much louder than him.

After the Newbury Classic Car Show Wedgeinald II went for a "hoon" to Bournemouth for Classic Cars on the Prom.

There was a very wide range of cars there Wedgeinald II saw cars he had never seen before, and wasn't sure what some of them were,
but they all made Wedgeinald II very welcome. Here are pictures of some of the cars Wedgeinald II saw at Bournemouth.

There will be more Adventures of Wedgeinald II as they happen.
Please come back.

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