The Adventures of Wedgeinald II.

Wedgeinald II the Red Wedge

June 2010

Wedgeinald II went back to the restorer after his adventures in May and had some finishing touches done including the final layer of paint.

Wedgeinald II enjoyed the respray as it tickled and it made him feel all shiny and new.
Wedgeinald II was looking forward to his new shoes that were being fitted prior to the London to Brighton run on the 6th.

Wedgeinald II enjoyed his day out to brighton with all the other classic and sports cars.
His new shoes were a bit slippery at first but they soon settled in.
Wedgeinald II Was happy to be out and about on the roads and enjoyed the fine weather.

Wedgeinlad II especially enjoyed basking in the sunshine on brighton seafront.
"This is the life, I could get used to days like this", he thought.

on the 27th Wedgeinald II went to a classic and sports car show in Thatcham,there were lots of different cars
from Little old cars through Triumphs and Jaguars upto some of the big American cars.
Some of the American cars were as loud if not louder than Wedgeinald II, he did enjoy hearing them roar,
and gave a big roar of his own as he left the show in the afternoon.

Wedgeinald II enjoyed spending the day basking in the sunshine while people admired his shiny new coat.

Wedgeinald is looking forward to Cornwall and Le Mans over the next couple of weeks.

There will be more Adventures of Wedgeinald II as they happen.
Please come back.

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