The Adventures of Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald the Wedge

June 2009

On the 7th Wedgeinald and some of his Nomads friends did the Greenwood London to Brighton Sports and Kit Car Run.
It was a slightly wet start to the day but the weather improved as the day went on
Some of the lanes on the run were very narrow and the verges were muddy in places
Wedgeinald did enjoy "playing" in the mud and spun one of his wheels, but it did make him a bit messy
Wedgeinald enjoyed the run as it was a nice relaxed pace and he got to see lots of the countryside
and lots of other cars, modern sports cars, kit cars, and some really old classics too.

On the way home Wedgeinald and his Nomads friends enjoyed making lots of noise in some tunnels.

Then the group stopped to feed some Ducks/Geese and the fish at a nice pond on the way home.

More pictures from the run here

Wedgeinald went to bed a happy but dirty wedge, but his owner promised him another bath really soon.

There will be more on the adventures of Wedgeinald as they happen.
Please come back soon.

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