The Adventures of Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald the Wedge

May 2009

On the 10th of May Wedgeing ald and his Nomad friends invited large numbers
of other TVRs to Join them in a nice relaxed car show at Hambleden.

This was Wedgeinalds first visit to this show and he enjoyed himself very much.

Wedgeinald got to meet even more new TVR friends and some more of his Wedge "brothers".

For more pictures from that day goto
Hambleden 2009

Wedgeinald hope to meet even more TVRs there next year.

On the 24th Wedgeinald went back to Classic Cars On The Prom (CCOTP) in Bournemouth.
It was a really hot day and the roads were packed with all sorts of cars,
Wedgeinald enjoyed being by the seaside last time so didn't mind sitting in the long traffic queues to get there.

The Carpark for CCOTP was so busy that later in the day some cars had to be turned away.
Wedgeinald felt sad for those that could not fit in the carpark but he was glad he had the chance to see so many different cars.

There were a few cars that Wedgeinald recognised from his last visit but most of them were new friends to meet.

Wedgeinald even managed to see one of his "distant cousins" a Triumph TR7, which shares some of its parts with Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald had a nice mini hoon in the countryside on his way back home via the A338, which was much more fun than the motorway.

On the 31st Wedgeinald and some of his Nomads friends went to Beaulieu, with lots of TVRs from all over the country.
Wedgeinald counted all his sibling wedges and cousin Chimaeras, Griffiths, Sagaris's, Vixens, S's, Tuscans and many more besides.
186 TVRs turned out on the day, Wedgeinald was happy to see so many TVRs,
Wedgeinald had never seen so many of his "family" in one place at the same time.

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Wedgeinald also spotted that the car called "BRUM" from the TV was there as well..
"BRUM" thought Wedgeinald "that's the noise I make when I'm off on a hoon!"

There will be more on the adventures of Wedgeinald as they happen.
Please come back soon.

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