The Adventures of Wedgeinald II.

Wedgeinald II the Red Wedge

May 2010

Wedgeinald II was purchased in August 2009, he had been sat almost idle for 13 Years previous to this.
Originally the plan was to use Wedgeinald II as a "spares kit" for Wedgeinald, but Wedgeinald II was in better overal
Condition so it was decided to try and get Wedgeinald II recommisioned and back on the road.
This proved to be more involved than was originally thought and the roles had to be reversed,
so Wedgeinald became the "spares kit" for Wedgeinald II. Because of some of the many issues,
this took much longer to complete than expected. This meant that Wedgeinald II was not fully ready
for the first shows of the season but he was allowed out to play, in an almost complete state.

Wedgeinald II's first official outing was on 2nd May to the A classic Car Show in the grounds of Windsor Castle.
It was a very wet and cold but Wedgeinald II was just happy to be out on the roads at last and with some TVR friends

After leaving the show at Windsor early due to the weather being so bad, Wedgeinald II went onto Abingdon,
to the County Fair and Air Display, here Wedgeinald II met a few more TVR's from the Oxford TVR Car Club.
The weather was much nicer in the afternoon and Wedgeinald II even managed to dry off from the mornings rain

Some of the other TVR's at Abingdon

On the 9th May Wedgeinald II went with the TVR Nomads to Hambleden, Again the weather was a little wet in the morning
and despite setting out with the tops down, the TVR Nomads had to stop on the way and put them up, Wedgeinald II prefered
having the top down "it's much more fun" he thought. The day did dry out and during the day there was an unexpected fly past
by a Dakota Aircraft.

For more pictures from Hambleden visit TVR Nomads

There will be more Adventures of Wedgeinald II as they happen.
Please come back.

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