The Adventures of Wedgeinald.

Wedgeinald the Wedge

September 2008

September started off as a quiet month for Wedgeinald.
He spent most of his time in his bed having a rest from all the hooning of the previousl 2 months.
It was a bit like taking a Holiday but without going anywhere.
Wedgeinald also had some more work done on some of the cosmetic aspects of his appearence, Including having one of his seats replaced.
Whilst still not perfect Wedgeinald was happy to look a bit nicer, and he didn't need to wear the seat covers to cover up the gaffa tape any more.

On the 21st Wedgeinald met up with cousin Chim (one of the TVR Nomads) and they went on a short run to Blenhiem Palace in Oxfordshire.
Wedgeinald was allowed to be at the front for a change and enjoyed being "in charge" of the run. Even if it was only the 2 cars, it was still fun.
Once in Blenhiem Palace Wedgeinald and Chim had to drive round and round to find where they were supposed to park.
It was a bit damp and messy with loose grass but kinda fun too.
During the day Various types of Vehicles were asked to go into the arena to be shown to the public and Judged.
Wedgeinald knew he would not win anything but did enjoy people looking at him, so went in with all the other sports cars.
Wedgeinald ended up right at the front in the centre, "Pride of Place" he thought. Once the arena was full it was more like Sardines than sports cars!
It was nice to be out and about again and Wedgeinald enjoyed the "mini" hoon on the way home.

Later that day Wedgeinald went with his owner to see Wedgeinald's old home and previous owner.
It was good to see his old Neighbourhood and to see how proud his previous owner was of how he was progressing.
Wedgeinald was very happy to have been able to go back and was a lively little wedge all the way home.
Wedgeinald wishes his old onwer well and hopes he will keep up with his adventures via this website.

October 2008

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